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A Strategic Ministry



Innovative, Christ-centred programmes inspiring hope

There is nothing dull or boring about THE WAY TV’s programmes.  Whatever type of programmes you can think of, THE WAY TV viewers can find all of these on our channel.  But every programme, whether it is a drama, live talk show, breaking news or a documentary, presents Christian values and points to Christ.
Our range of teaching programmes and church services on all our channels bring life and light to many in the region who are seeking truth or needing encouragement and help in their Christian walk.


Culturally sensitive

Our programmes are politically and culturally sensitive because 80% are made in the region by local Christians and the rest are chosen by them specifically with their own people in mind.  They understand the culture, the language and can speak meaningfully into the circumstances of people in the region because they themselves live there and have the same experiences.  That is why we don't sell airtime to other ministries so we can keep control of everything that goes on our channels and make sure of the quality and cultural relevance.

We are careful that none of our programmes ever attack another faith but rather we always seek to present the positive truth of Christianity.

A strategic ministry

THE WAY TV uses two mainstream satellites to broadcast the programmes.  Using two separate satellite systems means we can reach the largest number of people across the region and the footprint spreads even into Europe.  Our broadcasts cover the western end of the 10-40 window – the area of the world with the fewest number of Christians or Christian workers, making THE WAY TV so necessary and strategic.

We covered America and Canada as well so we can connect the immigrant people from those countries with the people lives there with their needs and the circumstances that they are going through, While satellite TV remains such an effective medium in the region, technology is constantly changing with new ways of reaching people with the love of Christ The Way TV is always looking at the best ways to reach our audience and has developed different ways to watch the programmes.  Internet access is not currently widespread throughout the region but where people can use it we want to provide

programmes through this medium.  THE WAY TV makes extensive use of YouTube where viewers can watch programmes and comment on them.
All of the channels have websites which offer live streaming of programmes.  Viewers can also contact us through Facebook and other social media.

Viewer impact

Many people want to respond to our programmes.  We continue to increase the number of live broadcasts which allow viewers to phone in with their comments, requests or questions and speak directly to the presenters.  These programmes are hugely popular.  But it is also important that they can speak to someone on the telephone to talk through their own situation or ask questions in a personal,more private way.  We work with a network of centres across the world that individuals can phone to talk with someone.  We recognise the importance of this follow-up and have partners on the ground in many countries of the region to make this possible.

No viewer ever has to pay to watch THE WAY TV.  We offer the service completely free of charge without advertising or sponsored programming.  Christians around the world support THE WAY TV financially and, by doing so, provide it as a gift to the people of the Middle East and North Africa.  Without THE WAY TV many would not have access to the truth and love of the Christian message.  Many believers are isolated and rely on THE WAY TV for Christian teaching, discipleship and fellowship.  You can give a gift of hope to the people of the Middle East by supporting THE WAY TV.

Whatever we do, it is all with the aim of bringing hope in Jesus Christ to the people of the Middle East , North Africa, America and Canada

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